Tactile Prints
Monoprints - Natural History
Angel Prints

Tactile prints are a series of work whose primary component is printmaking, assembled using techniques and materials outside the realm of traditional, editioned prints. These works examine how changes of context alter perception. The two dimensional works are generally 5 feet by 6 feet. The three dimensional works are site variable in size and may have audio/video components. Techniques and materials include the following: Assemblage, Printmaking, Traditional Fabric Techniques, Painting, Video.


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The monoprint series “Natural History” was inspired by the 1st century Roman historian Pliny the Elder’s “Historia Naturalis,” the world’s first encyclopedia. Much like the Internet, Pliny’s work was full of error. And, like the Internet, taken as truth by many people.


This ongoing project explores how distortions and propaganda become accepted as fact, and playfully challenges the concept of comprehensive universal knowledge. The series now totals over 150 monoprints.


These one-of-a-kind prints are created using multiple printing techniques including copper and zinc etching, linoleum carving, Chine collé, trace-transfer monotyping, silkscreen, lithography and collage. Multiple plates are used on each print.


Printed on Rives B.F.K., 24”x30”, framed.  View Prints Below

The Angel series was inspired by the concept of everyday women being real angels in society. The artist uses images of family and friends to portray various archetypes. These prints are created using linoleum –cut printing techniques, which the artist teaches at workshops at the North Shore Art League in Winnetka, Illinois.



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